John Jackson Miller – A New Dawn Audiobook

John Jackson Miller – A New Dawn Audiobook

John Jackson Miller - A New Dawn Audio Book Free

A New Dawn Audiobook


“A New Dawn” is the story of exactly how Kanan Jarrus, the ex-Jedi Knight, fulfills Hera Syndulla, the Twi’lek ace pilot. I discovered it to be a rewarding book.

Guide has a fast pace, as well as an intriguing cast of characters. The majority of the tale takes place on one isolated world and its distinct moon. Initially, I thought I would certainly find this minimal setting boring. A New Dawn Audiobook Free. I suppose I was expecting Kanan and Hera’s first experience to take them all over the galaxy, but most of the action happens on the ground.

Things I enjoyed most about this publication was viewing the major personalities learn more about each other as well as begin to see each other in different ways. Even though the tale invests a lot of time on personality, it keeps its fast lane, which kept me turning web pages.

John Jackson Miller’s writing is engaging and also seems like Celebrity Wars. I’ve read many Star Wars novels in which the writer attempts as well tough or obtains cute with the descriptions. Miller does not develop any new alien varieties. He sticks to varieties we have actually seen in the movies or TELEVISION collection. I believe that’s an and also. Miller struck the right tone.I have actually constantly been a follower of Star Wars … though I would state I was a laid-back follower. Therefore, I never dove into the Expanded Cosmos of the franchise. Part of me rejoices I didn’t since Disney tossed out the EU, no longer calling it canon yet relegating it to the tag of “Legends”.

But keeping that, they established what is now the new canon which includes all the Star Wars movies, Star Wars: The Duplicate Battles series, and also Celebrity Wars: Rebels collection. Along with that, all publications released from April 2014 onward are part of the brand-new canon.

Just how ideal then that the very first book in the brand-new canon is called A Renaissance. It’s an innovator to the Celebrity Wars: Rebels series. As well as a wonderful, action-packed, initial entrance into the new canon.

I won’t include any kind of looters in this testimonial, yet I must state that the story is great as well as also unforeseeable sometimes. The personalities are quite possibly created. Sometimes, when you have lots of personalities in a book, you could have difficulty monitoring that’s who for a while. Yet A New Dawn makes every name simple to bear in mind as well as relate to the proper personalities.

As a protagonist, Kanan is a fun, lonesome personality, hesitant to be the hero. Hera intends to be the hero, not for egotistical reasons but also for moral ones. Skelly simply desires his voice to be heard. And Count Vidian? Well, this is a fantastic, fantastic antagonist. The writer does such a terrific job with this character that I might envision him well, hear him, smell him even. ‘Nuff claimed.

I enjoyed guide a great deal. A lot that I have actually begun to peruse the established canon in the Celebrity Wars: The Clone Wars series and also Celebrity Wars: Rebels series. Both are computer system animated cartoons, but they are so great, you feel like you’re seeing Celebrity Wars.Yeah, I rejoice that Disney made the decision they did. It has permitted people like me the possibility to study Star Wars canon virtually at the beginning, and I’m looking forward to what is to come.I love that I was able to discover a little more regarding Kanan and also Hera’s past. It was a fantastic read on the whole. After viewing a couple of episodes of Rebels I really did not believe the book would certainly have much to use. I did delight in how the writer showed all the different point of views of the conflict, and also kept Kanan’s key from venturing out (and also the distinct description of Hera, among my fav characters in the SW universe yet). The villian was a little motto, extremely Gen. Grevious design, yet he worked. I am truly anticipating the comics going also further back into Kanan’s past, as well as the upcoming books that will belong to the brand-new Canon (reviewing Tarkin now). Oh … as well as the message at the start of guide – cooling – you can listen to Obi Wan’s voice clearly.Having read and extensively took pleasure in John Jackson Miller’s Star Trek novel Takedown, and his earlier Celebrity Wars novel Kenobi, I was very excited to read this lead-in to the series Star Wars Rebels. Needless to say, I was not dissatisfied. John Jackson Miller – A New Dawn Audio Book Download. This is easily among the far better SW novels I have actually checked out in a very long time, conveniently on the same level with Timothy Zahn’s superb Beneficiary to the Empire trilogy.