Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods Audiobook

Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods Audiobook

Graham Hancock - Magicians of the Gods Audio Book Free

Magicians of the Gods Audiobook


Graham Hancock has actually done an additional wonderful task drawing links amongst old information in a level headed fashion, and also has actually presented a wonderfully coherent structure that clarifies lots of enigmas.

It is regretfully unsurprising that the largely traditional and ossified mainstream always puts up hefty resistance to this details; as this is all too often the instance to any type of opposition of the status quo amongst academia.

What we’ve gained from history is that rarely anyone ever gains from history, to estimate Alan Watts.

To have a much deeper understanding of the material I very advise checking out Fingerprints of the Gods if you have not yet, as this publication will certainly make a lot more sense with that said history expertise. Magicians of the Gods Audiobook Free. It does well enough by itself, and offers a fantastic instance that a planetary effect and also the international floods/cataclysm that resulted was the primary perpetrator in nearly eliminating a sophisticated people in pre-history, however the weight of this revelation is much larger if you are acquainted with the thick structure currently laid out in Finger prints of the gods.

Both crucial elements missing out on from Fingerprints were the smoking gun that triggered the deluge as well as conclusive evidence of the sophisticated worlds presence hundreds of years before what we thought was the introduction of people. This book has both in spades.

Gobekli Tepe is a huge megalithic website crafted by very skilled stone employees over 10,0000 years ago, and also Gunung Padang, an additional fascinating website in Indonesia, is looking like it may be even older.

The continuous studies and also discussion bordering the Younger Dryas effect hypothesis are analysed and streamlined. They seem to have hit the ice caps that covered The United States and Canada as well as Northern Europe, leaving little if any kind of craters yet triggering substantial floods, fires, and more. The evidence is clear enough, as well as made a lot more extensive if we keep in mind the countless old “myths” around the globe that give in-depth summaries of the event. Resistance to the theory, and even straight-out dismissal by the a lot more dogmatic as well as traditional industries of the clinical neighborhood, is always to be anticipated.

Resistance to paradigm-shattering details has constantly occurred, also in the clinical arena. This is, however, just one piece of an exceptionally important problem that we seriously require to determine if we are to draw ourselves out of the mess we are in.

Hancock’s notion of a “types with memory loss” is far, even more serious than probably also he recognized. There is ongoing research, performed by Tony Wright and others, suggesting the advancement of our neural system is essentially jeopardized as well as has been progressively reverting to a more primitive mammalian kind. Hancock understands and also a follower of the research study yet it gets strangely enough left out right here, perhaps due to the frustrating task it would certainly be integrating it into guide, as well as making its emphasis too wide. Though it suits perfectly with his research on psychedelics – one of the primary methods old cultures have actually employed throughout the whole world for millenia in order to resolve as well as treat our problem – as well as a result of the noticeable gaps it completes concerns to the nature of these “magicians of the gods”.

Were they really considered as virtually having god-like standing as a result of their superior technology and also workmanship, or existed even more to it than that? If we take the ancients for their word, after that they had cognitive capabilities much past what also we would consider normal. You would be hard pressed to discover ancient accounts, and even accounts of modern-day tribal groups in the and also in other places, that believe their ancestors were much more primitive. They practically always regarded them as advanced, as well as not simply technologically. Cognitively and spiritually. They knew a lot concerning awareness and looked for to maintain that understanding while keeping the fire of human being kindled among the chaos of the calamity. We can end they did quite possibly since all across the globe can be found old medical and consciousness methods of all types (yoga, meditation, alchemy, shamanism, herbalism, etc. ). Although many have actually declined over time.But we do not merely need to take the ancients word for it concerning this. There is a mountain of evidence for this circumstance, which need to not come as a surprise considering that virtually every intense man or females throughout the ages has actually regarded mankind as being practically crazy. Our culture and also human being is a representation of our useless frame of mind. Graham Hancock – Magicians of the Gods Audio Book Online. The ancients practically widely concerned their ancestors as advanced, and do not speak about progressive advancements. Is this just because of the smashing effects of the tragedies at the end of the last glacial period, or exists even more to it than that? Why after that do they also speak of males nature deteriorating also prior to the catastrophe? As well as why do they even participate in different techniques and medicines (psychedelics, reflection, fasting, sleep deprivation, and so forth) to address this condition at all?